Friday, October 26, 2018

Closing Celebration for Colorforms & Austin Thomas 'Lots of little things' Sunday November 4th, 3-6pm

Austin Thomas collage in her solo exhibition Lots of little things.

Please join us for a closing celebration of 

Colorforms & Austin Thomas: Lots of little things

at LABspace

2642 NY Route 23, Hillsdale NY

Sunday November 4th, 3-6pm

Please join us next Sunday November 4th to say goodbye to our two current shows:

Gallery 1: Colorforms featuring Elisa Lendvay, Elisa Soliven, Hannah Foster and Susan Still Scott.
Gallery 2: Austin Thomas solo exhibition Lots of little things, an installation of drawings, collages, prints and photographs. 

On view Saturdays 1-5pm and by appointment through November 3rd. 
Closing celebration Sunday November 4th, 3-6pm.

Hannah Foster, Elisa Lendvay and Susan Still Scott in Colorforms.

Elisa Soliven, Square Vessel with Neck in Colorforms.

Austin Thomas collage in her solo exhibition Lots of little things.

2642 NY Route 23
Hillsdale NY

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