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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

MUSIC SEEN, An Exhibition and A Performance Series by Visual Artists Who Make Music to Open Saturday, August 19th, 5-8

Music Seen: Artists Who Make Music, August 19-September 2, 2017

Adriane Schramm, Untitled (Enid Ellen), 2017, mixed media

Steve DiBenedetto, Untitled, 2017, oil on canvas

Thomas Leo Chapman IV, Forward Flight of Pterodactyl   (state of mind of the: Pterodactyl Posse Pleoavcee Party Political), 2017,  Pencil, marker, watercolor on paper mounted to canvas board.

Mark Safan, Untitled , 2015, Cyanotype on Archival Rag Paper


Organized by Michele Thursz and Susan Jennings
Artist reception: Saturday, August 19th from 5-8pm. Open Saturdays through September 2nd 11-5 and by appointment via
Performance series- Saturday August 19th  6:30-8pm and again on Saturday, September 2 from 6-8.  

2642 NY Rt 23 in Hillsdale NY.

Music Seen Part 1 - is the first a series of exhibitions, performances, and publications, which explore the relationship between, visual artists and music.
Part one of this series is structured as an exhibition of visual art works by the artists and two evenings  of performances by the artists’ bands at LABspace.  Additionally, an online listening station with the artists’ music and/or performance videos  will available at as an extension of the exhibition.

SEEN plays with the terminology of a scene, a place where an incident in real life or fiction occurs. In this exhibition, we explore the intersection of the  "artist" and "musician" paradigm. In 2017 the term multidisciplinary covers what in the past separated the practice of visual arti and music. Today, many visual artists refer to the production model of the music industry, regarding collaboration, creation, and alternatives to the commercial  distribution model.

In MUSIC SEEN Part1, we engaged in a process similar to digging through crates of albums and uncovering a gem in seeking visual artists who are also musicians with bands. We followed strings to the unknown, the underground and even the secret places where the visual artist explores other avenues of expression through music.

MUSIC SEEN Part 1 participating artist include -
Adam Ames, Andrew Bordwin, Nurya Chana, Thomas Leo Chapman IV, Chou Wen-chung, Jennifer Coates, Steve DiBenedetto, Enid Ellen, David Humphrey, John Jackson, Inju Kaboom, Bill Komoski,Tom Kotik, Thomas Lail, Damon Locks, Reggie Madison, Paul McMahon,, Slink Moss, David Mramor, NN, Love Psychedelic Nevai, Laura Ortman, Alexander Ross, Mark Safan, Katia Santibanez, Katy Schneider, Adriane Schramm, Michelle Segre, James Siena, Jennifer Sirey,  Matt Tiernan

“There’s something very attractive about just being in a space with other human beings, and there is something magical that happens with the immediacy of sound, and how it affects people”[1]  In  MUSIC SEEN the lights are on, and in clear sight and ear-shot these visual artist and their music is exposed as one practice. Join the scene,

Michele Thursz is an independent cultural producer and consultant based in New York City. She has served as director of contemporary and outsider art galleries, media collectives and art advisory companies, as well as consulted private collections. She has written and led public conversations about contemporary art and related professional issues.

LABspace was founded and is directed by the artist Susan Jennings. The gallery is dedicated to experiments in curation, exhibiting category-busting and/or materially surprising contemporary art, and hosting performance art, screenings, readings and music that push the boundaries of categorization, participation and/or experience.


[1] "How Artists Are Using Music to Seduce, Confound (and Entertain) Us." ARTnews. N.p., 22 Apr. 2014. Web. 08 Aug. 2017.

Closing Reception for Hat Tip, Saturday August 12th, 3-5pm