Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MADE and LABspace at TSA/SATELLITE in MIami, Dec 1-6

MADE and LABspace are excited to join forces to present “+1+1” as part of the Tiger Strikes Asteroid “Artist-Run” project for SATELLITE at the former Ocean Terrace Hotel in Miami Beach during Miami Art WeekDecember 1-6. 

“+1+1” is a curatorial experiment in which 6 artists affiliated with MADE and LABspace each invites another artist and those invite one more artist each to participate. The installation includes a total of 18 artists from NYC, Miami, and abroad exhibiting sculpture, painting, works on paper, performances, projected video, all of which together creates a layered and wholly unexpected, exciting, and dynamic installation. The curatorial process is experimental, collaborative, and ultimately founded in artistic trust and openness.

Participating “+1+1” artists
Black Lake Sky + Lydia Dona + Lisa Beck
Janice Caswell + Michelle Weinberg + Sara Stites
Heather Cox + Felice Godin + BYO Lab
Beth Dary + Marina Font + Amalia Caputo
Christy Speakman + Travis LeRoy Southworth + Adam Douglas Thompson
Katarina Wong + Cecile Chong + Maia Cruz Palileo

In addition, Black Lake Sky will be performing in the ”+1+1” installation on Thursday, December 3 at 2pm and again on Friday, December 4 at 7pm.

MADE/LABspace's +1+1 installation is located in Room 112 or the former Ocean Terrace Hotel at 7410 Ocean Terrace in Miami Beach and admission is free. Hours are 12-6 with extended hours on select days. Visit our website to see extended hours.

Organized by Tiger Strikes Asteroid, the “Artist-Run” project takes ove rhte former Ocean Terrace Hotel with an international collection of nearly 40 artist-run spaces and/or collectives creating installation/environments in the room sof the hotel. "Artist-Run" is part of the SATELLITE project to transform an entire neighborhood into an arts destination during Miami Art Week. 

Please visit www.labspaceart.blogspot.com or www.labspaceart.blogspot.com www.made-art.com for more information about “+1+1.”

Top row l-r: Black Lake Sky, Beth Dary, Heather Cox
2nd row l-r: Lydia Dona, Cecile Chong, Katarina Wong
3rd row l-r: Christy Speakman, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Janice Caswell  

About MADE and LABspace:

Founded by artist and curator Katarina Wong, MADE is a NYC-based curatorial consultancy dedicated to helping emerging art collectors discover and acquire art through limited-engagement exhibitions in unexpected venues in the US and abroad. 

LABspace, founded by Susan Jennings, is an artist-run gallery dedicated to experiments in curation, exhibiting category-busting and/or materially surprising contemporary art, and hosting performance art, screenings, readings and music that push the boundaries of categorization, participation and/or experience. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

"Flat File" October 8 - November 7, Reception for the Artists on Saturday 10/10 from 1-3

Culled from our flat files is our next show "Flat File" which includes works by:

Lisa Beck,Janice Caswell, Gretchen Carlson, Stewart Clayton, Damien Crisp, Beth Dary, Carol Diehl, Peter Dudek, Timothy Forry, Rachael Guidi, DGKrueger, Meg Lipke, Daniel Mahoney, Katie Merz, Slink Moss, Alexander Ross, Karen Shaw, Christy Speakman, Laura Stein, Joseph Stabilito, Phillip Taafe, Susie Tarnowicz, Mie Yim

October 8 - November 7; Reception for the Artists on Saturday October 10 from 1-3

Winter Gallery Hours Friday 1-6 and Saturday 11-6. Also by appointment via labspaceart@gmail.com

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Collaborative Works on Paper in Exquisite at LABspace through October 3, 2015

For Exquisite an open call was sent out to artists who were invited to create teams of 3, work on consistently sized paper, and set up their own rules of engagement. These are the results. 

Participating artists include:
Polly Apfelbaum
Cory Arcangel (appropriated)
Cynthia Atwood
Agnes Barley
Roberley Bell
Martha Bone
Dawn Breeze
Germaine Brooks

Dina Bursztyn
Thea Carlson
Kelli Cain
Christian Cesari
Henry Chapman
Nicole Cherubini
Leona Christie
Jennifer Coates
Christin Couture
Beth Dary
Lucio DiBenedetto
Steve DiBenedetto
Carol Diehl
Daniella Dooling
Peter Dudek
Dahlia Elsayed
Diane Englander
Ellen Hackl Fagan
Alyssa Fanning
Alison Fox
Kathryn Frey
Cora Glasser
Charles Goldman
Ross Goldstein
Ernest Goodmaw
Joan Grubin
Catherine Hall
Meg Hitchcock
Tom Hlas
Dana Hoey
William Holton
Brece Honeycutt
William Hosie
David Humphrey
The Internet
Susan Jennings
Erick Johnson
Inju Kaboom
Zak Kitnick
Black Lake
Dennis Leder
Michael Lee
Les LeVeque
Meg Lipke
Kristin Lucas
Rita MacDonald
Nicole Maloof
Heidi Marben
Karen Margolis
Cameron Martin
Suzi Matthews
Susan Meyer
Alice Momm
Slink Moss
Sue Muskat
Gina Occhiogrosso
Vicky Palermo
Will Pappenheimer
Caroline Parks
Jon Rajkovich
John Riedman
Jennifer Riley
Matthew Ritchie
Russell Roberts
Michael Rodriguez
Alexander Ross
Ana-Miren San Millan
Lisa Sanditz
Katia Santibanez
Michael Scott
Steve Schmitz
Michelle Segre
Dee Shapiro
Julie Shapiro
Karen Shaw
Suzan Shutan
Amy Sillman
Lauren Silva
Oscar Smeraldo
Alan Sondheim
Monika Sosnowski
Joseph Stabilito
Jeff Starr
Kurt Steger
Laura Stein
Linda Stillman
Derek Stukuls
Suzy Sureck
Erica Svec
Amy Talluto
Melissa Thorne
Kyle Thurma
Matt Tiernan
Jill Vasileff
Oliver Wasow
Matthew Weinstein

Stephen Westfall
Ann Wolf
Mie Yim
Andrew Zarou
Tamar Zinn

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace

 Suzan Shutan, Ellen Hackl Fagan, Jill Vasileff
Pushmi Puhlluu 2015

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace

Will Pappenheimer, Kristin Lucas, Alan Sondheim
Coma Wall, 2015

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace

 Alison Fox, Lisa Sandit, Dawn Breeze
Reminder Piece, 2015

Beth Dary, William Holton, Karen Margolis
Hcoucz, 2015

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace

 Inju Kaboom, Steve Schmitz, Dina Bursztyn
alea<s>tory: interactive audial cut-up poetry, 2015

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace

Laura Stein, Cory Arcangel (appropriated) and the Internet
3 x 3, 2015

Dennis, Leder, Karen Shaw, Kathryn Frey
Kadeka, 2015

 Kathryn Frey, Dennis, Leder, Karen Shaw
Windows on the World, 2015

Leona Christie, Charles Goldman, Andrew Zarou
Untitled, 2015

Cameron Martin, Amy Sillman, Henry Chapman
Untitled, 2015

Polly Apfelbaum, Stephen Westfall
Untitled, 2015

Polly Apfelbaum, Stephen Westfall
Untitled, 2015

 Peter Dudek, Christin Couture, William Hosie
La Dame de Fumer (The Smoking Lady), 2015

Katia Santibanez, Michael Scott, Agnes Barley
8-1-2015, 2015

Les LeVeque, Mie Yim, Daniella Dooling
 4th of July, 2015

Nicole Maloof, Matthew Ritchie, Lauren Silva
Untitled, 2015

Jennifer Coates, David Humphrey, Steve DiBenedetto
Vindaloo Again?, 2015

Jeff Starr
MK Ultra" 2002

Susan Meyer, Jeff Starr, Gina Occhiogrosso
Brand New Tomorrow, 2015

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace

Suzi Matthews
Untitled (Ram Head), 2011 and Untitled (Purple Pantone) 2013

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace with MK Ultra" Lusterware, 2002 by Jeff Start

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace

Installation Shot of Exquisite at LABspace

Brece Honeycutt, Roberley Bell, Vicky Palermo
Untitled (B+V+R), 2015

Joan Grubin, Cynthia Atwood, Linda Stillman
…then red, 2015

Nicole Cherubini, Erica Svec, Ana-Miren San Millan
Empress Theodora2015

Dee Shapiro, Sue Muskat, Julie Shapiro
Talk, Talk, Talk, 2015

Suzy Sureck, Linda Stillman, Alice Momm
Shared Turf, 2015

Oscar Smeraldo, Catherine Hall, Meg Lipke
Blank Eye Space, 2015

Slink Moss, Joseph Stabilito, Susan Jennings
Untitled, 2015

Matt Tiernan, Thea Carlson, Ann Wolf
Untitled (Hairy Anvil of the Oak King), 2015

Alexander Ross and Susan Jennings
Untitled, 2015

Michael Rodriguez, Germaine Brooks, Dahlia Elsayed
The Night Before Tonight, 2015

Alyssa Fanning, Monika Sosnowski, Michael Lee
Chronicle Village Miniature, 2015

Erick Johnson, Jennifer Riley, Russell Roberts
Untitled, 2015

Steve DiBenedetto, Jennifer Coates, Slink Moss, David Humphrey, Alexander Ross, Susan Jennings
Untitled, 2015

 Martha Bone, Kurt Steger, Meg Hitchcock
Karmic Pileup, 2015

Amy Talluto, Rita MacDonald, Derek Stukuls
Ahab’s Reverie, 2015