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Friday, October 16, 2020

Meet Us At SpaceLAB + Brantner DeAtley Hosts Susan Carr Solo!


Special Guest artist Brantner DeAtley will host Susan Carr’s solo In My Room this Sunday Oct 18th, 1-5pm at LABspace! On view weekends 1-5pm through November 8th. Photo credit: Susannah Auferoth.


Meet us for the last day of Sculpture show SpaceLAB at CollarWorks 12-4pm,
AND Meet Brantner DeAtley at Susan Carr Solo In My Room at LABspace 1-5pm ⚡️


Please join us— Julie Torres & Ellen Letcher of LABspace— this Sunday, October 18th 12-4pm, for the FINAL DAY of sprawling sculpture show SpaceLAB at Collar Works! The exhibition has been extended through Sunday, and we are excited to give you a tour of this packed exhibit featuring the work of 31 area artists. 

Also on Sunday, join Haydenville artist Brantner DeAtley for Susan Carr’s solo exhibition In My Room at LABspace 1-5pm. There are just a few weeks left to catch this gorgeous show! We have added eight new works to the installation, and there is so much to see.

Susan’s solo exhibition is on view every Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm through November 8th. 

Thank you, friends— Thank you Collar Works, all the SpaceLAB artists, Susan Carr, and Brantner!

See you SOON,
❤️ Julie & El

Susan Carr: In My Room
Saturdays and Sundays 1-5pm
and by appointment
through Sunday, November 8th

2642 NY Route 23
Hillsdale NY 12529

masks and distancing required

In the courtyard: Stuart Farmery sculpture installation. 

Please respond to this email to receive our live google checklist, or to schedule a private tour of the exhibition.


Susan Carr, Girl with yellow aura, 2020, oil on wood, 17 x 12 inches. New painting just added to Susan’s solo In My Room at LABspace.

This new oil on wood Susan Carr sculpture, Gears Turning, is now on view in her solo In My Room at LABspace.


Installation view of SpaceLAB at Collar Works; l-t-r: Susan Jennings, Joan Grubin, Adrian Meraz, Paula Lalala. 

SpaceLAB at Collar Works extended through Sunday! Meet us there THIS SUNDAY Oct 18th, 12-4pm for the final day.

Visit us at Collar Works in Troy NY this final weekend to see SpaceLAB, an exhibition of 3D work from 31 area artists, now extended through Sunday! Ellen & Julie will be there this Sunday October 18th, 12-4pm to say hi and give you a tour.

SpaceLAB is a labyrinth of unexpected sculptural work, activating the walls, ceiling, and floor of this magnificent space, as well as site-specific installations. On view are artists working in a wide range of materials— wood, fiber, ceramic, metal, cardboard, paper-mache, stone, plexiglass, found objects, and more.

We have been thrilled to showcase this immersive survey of surprising sculptural work that escapes easy categorization, being made in our own backyard. Collar Works is an exceptional resource for artists and art-lovers in the area, and all sales go 100% to the artists.

SpaceLAB is a family-friendly destination, and the wonderful team at Collar Works has ensured that visits are safe for all. Huge thanks to director Elizabeth Dubben and the whole crew.

Enormous appreciation to the artists for their work, time, and energies. This exhibition is a love letter to ALL the artists we’ve met since relocating to the Hudson Valley 4 years ago. Most of whom we’ve connected with via artist, curator, and founder of LABspace, Susan Jennings.

SpaceLAB artists: Adrian Meraz, Becca Van K, Brent Owens, Chris Victor, Christina Tenaglia, Claire Sherwood, Claudia Tienan, Dan Devine, Dina Bursztyn, Eleanor White, Elisa Soliven, George Spencer, Guy Walker, Henry Klimowicz, Hui Lee, Jennifer Johnson, Joan Grubin, Julie Chase, Kara Smith, Karlos C├írcamo, Katharine Umsted, Matt Crane, Millicent Young, Paula Lalala, Ruby Palmer, Seth Koen, Stuart Farmery, Susan Jennings, Susan Meyer, Susan Scott, Thomas Lail 
Claudia Tienan assemblage in a vintage wooden box in SpaceLAB at Collar Works. Katharine Umsted sparkly pink boat and Stuart Farmery painted wood sculptures can be seen in distance. 

SpaceLAB at Collar Works
curated by LABspace

Thursday + Friday 12-6pm
Saturday + Sunday 12-4pm
Join us there for Closing Day, THIS Sunday October 18th, 12-4pm
621 River Street, Troy NY
Gallery entrance at rear courtyard of building.

+ View Instagram Live walkthrough of SpaceLABhere.

+ Explore 360-degree scan of SpaceLAB here, courtesy Hudson Virtual Tours.

+ Click for full SpaceLAB checklist. Please direct sales inquiries to Collar Works via Thank you! 


George Spencer painted cardboard and wood objects in the window light at Collar Works.

Dina Bursztyn and Julie Chase installation, Recluse Muse Museum (detail) in SpaceLAB.
Stuart Farmery painted wood and concrete totems, Henry Klimowicz site-specific cardboard installation lit from within, Dan Devine stitched leather sculptures to the right. Far left: Claire Sherwood paper mache constructions on iron posts. 

Installation view of SpaceLAB; l-t-r: Becca Van K, Joan Grubin, Elisa Soliven, Adrian Meraz, Kara Smith, Millicent Young, Guy Walker.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Visit with Susan Carr IRL on Sat Oct 10th,1-3pm at LABspace


Susan Carr, Stand By You, 2020, oil on wood, 12 x 9.5 inches. Susan will add this new painting to her solo when she visits this Saturday 1-3pm.


Visit with 

Susan Carr IRL
Sat Oct 10th,1-3pm 

at LABspace

Please join us Saturday October 10th— IRL and ONLINE— for a visit with Susan Carr at her solo exhibition In My Room at LABspace!

12pmInstagram Live walkthrough. BEFORE our gallery doors open (at 1PM), we will host a virtual walkthrough with Susan on Instagram Live, discussing her work and exhibition. Simply go to our LABspace Instagram page at noon on Oct 10th, and click our profile photo— which will be circled in pink once we are LIVE. 

1-3pmGallery OPEN. Visitors are invited to view the show and meet Susan IRL. Masks and distancing are required. No more than 6 visitors inside the gallery at once. There is plenty of outdoor space in our courtyard to mingle and view Stuart Farmery’s sculpture installation. Crossroads Food Shop serves brunch until 2:30pm at outdoor tables in front of gallery. 

3-5pmSusan departs at 3pm. Gallery remains open; exhibition on view until 5pm.

Susan’s show is currently OPEN and on view every Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm through November 8th. 

Thank you friends, and thank you Susan!
See you Saturday!
X Julie & El

Susan Carr: In My Room
Visit with Susan on Sat Oct 10th, 1-3pm
Instagram Live walkthrough at noon
on view Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm
and by appointment
through Sunday, November 8th

2642 NY Route 23
Hillsdale NY 12529

masks and distancing required

In the courtyard: Stuart Farmery sculpture installation. 

Please respond to this email to receive our live google checklist, or schedule a private tour of the exhibition. Thank you! 


Susan writes of this new painting: I had a dream that very young children ran the world and everyone was happy because there was a lot of naps involved and ice cream for dinner.


Susan Carr, Tickle You, 2020, oil on wood with screws, 9 x 15 x 2 inches.


Susan Carr, Girl with Yellow Aura, 2020, oil on wood, 17 x 12 inches