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Thursday, December 8, 2016

YAA (Young Albany Artists) Present "per vert (v. tr)" at LABspace December 9-11

LABspace and YAA (prounouced “yah”- a group of young Albany-based artist)  are pleased to present

\per-‘vert\ {v. tr.}.

1. Alter something from its original course, meaning or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended. Oxford English Dictionary

2. A group show exhibition of painting, drawings, sculpture, printmaking and animation

The verb “to pervert” is the organizing principal around this show. These artists are actively perverting standard uses of materials and subject matter, deteriorating form, playing with contortions of reality, and/or creating interdisciplinary, cross-media artwork. A reception will open the show on Friday, December 9th from 6:30-8:00 pm. Gallery Hours are Saturday December 10th from 11-5 and Sunday December 12 from 11-2.
Bugzdale begins with digital photographic self-portraits, which he then transfers to canvas. He works into the canvas with acrylic paint and modeling paste creating areas of pure abstraction alongside areas representation.

Jake Fallat perverts the use of traditional metal casting of busts and  portraiture along with animal organs collected from his day job as a butcher to create metal castes of grotesque imagery.

Kelsey Bzdyk paints on panel to open portals of perception of space and perspective. She creates geometrical grids which separate various imaginary patterns and universes.

Robert Houle asserts there is no such thing as representational art, therefore all art is an abstraction. Using intuitive mark-making he constructs figurative realism from an abstraction that changes focus depending upon scale.

Ariana Schrader-Rank contrasts perceptions using her work with printmaking, drawing, animation and other various media. By integrating dynamic relationships into her process the final outcome is one that is elaborate, yet subtle.

Bettina Martin creates figurative abstractions of the female form that look fragmented, almost like stained glass. Martin,  a tattoo artists by trade, is concerned with the role of women in the tattoo industry and the concept of female body modification.  However this work perverts rather than convert by appropriating the tattooed female figures and classical representations of women, as well as tattoo flash sheets (pre drawn designs for the mainstream use in tattoo shops) and through the use of Photoshop Martin creates a corruption of the classical.

Melissa Flagler paints awkward and clichéd snapshots her moments of voyeurism that encounters of other people’s interactions. Actual happenings, remembered or recorded become her subject, commenting on the quirks of society and actors. Using oil paint, she emphasizes the figures and removes or negates their setting.

LABspace was founded and is directed by the artist Susan Jennings. The gallery is dedicated to experiments in curation, exhibiting category-busting and/or materially surprising contemporary art, and hosting performance art, screenings, readings and music that push the boundaries of categorization, participation and/or experience.

LABspace is located at 2462 NY RT 23 just west of NY RT 22 in Hillsdale, NY.
For further information please contact

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