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Friday, July 22, 2016

Jon Piasecki Outdoor Sculptures and Indoor Paintings

Sculptures by Jon Piasecki 

Jon Piasecki "Boat, 2013" black locist, fossil beach blue stoen and paint, 51 x 76 x 7"

Jon Piasecki "Granite Post with Drops, 2016" granit, shist and hardware, 67 x 4 x 6 1/2"

Jon Piasecki, "Nanu, 2014" black locust, concrete, steel, steel cable and hardware, 65 x 21 x 10"

Wood Paintings by Jon Piascki

"Herring" by Jon Piasecki

Installation Shot of Stone Paintings by Jon Piasecki

Jon Piasecki Columns, Jennifer Johnson platter, Tom Nicol 

Wood and Stone Paintings by Jon Piasecki
 Stone Paintings by Jon Piasecki

Jon Piasecki's solo show at LABspace in Hillsdale, NY (June 9 - July 2, 2016) included two bodies of work. Dramatic, eerie and animistic exterior sculptures made of black locust, granite, marble, lime and wire, some monumental next to others rather discreet; some hanging from trees reminiscent of the mysterious and frightening talismans that appeared in “The Blair Witch Project,” were shown in the courtyard of the gallery. Simultaneously, geometric abstract paintings made of carved stone, cut wood and enamel paint occupied the interior gallery. Though Piasecki has shown his work extensively at such venues as Essel Museum in Austria, Chesterwood, The Dutchess Country Residence, The Fendi Flagship Store and at the American Academy in Rome Italy and has had his sculptures commissioned by collectors of large outdoor pieces, this is very unique body of work was his first solo exhibition in an art gallery.

Piasecki is a 2004 Prince Charitable Trust Rome Prize Fellow of the American Academy in Rome.  In 2011 Piasecki won the top international award for Landscape Architecture, beating major international firms for his large outdoor sculpture commission “Stone River” at The Dutchess County Residence in eastern Dutchess County, NY (Orion Magazine published this video on Stone River His work has been published and internationally in dozens of publications both in print and online.  He received his MLA from Harvard Graduate School of Design and his BS at Cornell. University. Piasecki lives on WiseAcre Farm in West Stockbrige MA with his wife Kristen where he raises pigs, sheep and chickens in addition to creating his stone  and wood sculptures and paintings on the grounds.

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