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Friday, July 31, 2015

Michelle Segre's One-sculpture 24/7 Show at 55 Gansevort NYC is Selected for Top 5 Shows This Week in Time Out NY

Thrilling news! Michelle Segre, whose wonderfully quirky sculptures are on view at LABspace (with equally disarming and charming paintings by Erica Svec) just received great press for her seen-through-the-window-24/7 sculpture "Porous Porous" at 55 Gansevort (a block away from the new Whitney.) Her one-sculpture show there was chosen one of the top 5 shows of the week in NYC by Time Out! Way to go Michelle. Be sure not to miss her equally wonderful show at LABspace through August 8th.
From Time Out "It’s hard to pin down Segre’s work, though her mixed-media sculptures do appear to contain bits of DNA from the work of Alexander Calder and David Smith: She combines the former’s surreal whimsy with the latter's penchant for composing objects pictorially, less in the round than as flattened forms suspended in space. Though Segre also creates drawings that often achieve an almost psychedelic busyness, the pieces presented in this 24/7 MePA storefront showcase are sculptural. The fact that they can only be viewed from the street like a window display emphasizes the interplay between two and three dimensions."

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