Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Indigo: The Seventh Color at LABspace, October 14-November 4, 2017

    Beth Dary, Crue 1, 2017  Mixed dye with indigo, raw pigment and encaustic on paper, 10" x 12" (framed)

LABspace is pleased to present Indigo: The Seventh Color a group exhibition of works on indigo paper curated by Lorrie Fredette and Brece Honeycutt from October 14 – November 4, 2017. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, October 14 from 5:00-7:30 pm and thereafter the gallery will be open weekends 11 to 5 p.m. and by appointment through November 4.

From the curators:

The beauty of Indigo magnetically attracts the viewer. It's richness and depth is an intoxicating visual drink. Dots, dashes, cosmologies; burn marks, rusted tones, twisted strands; grids, stains, topographies; chronicle the works by Christine Aaron, Beth Dary, Grace DeGennaro, Lorrie Fredette, Valerie Hammond, Jeanne Heifetz, Lotta Helleberg, Brece Honeycutt, Patricia Miranda and Paula Overbay.

LABspace’s mission is to function as a laboratory where artists and makers experiment, trying out new methods and works. In this spirit, the artist Jeanne Heifetz assembled a group of artists to explore dyeing sheets of paper in vats of indigo ink. Indeed, the alchemical process of indigo appeared as at first the paper emerged green but then oxidized instantly into a mercurial blue; Indigo on paper creates a dramatic moment.

Indigo gives us pause to take notice; this regal color demands our attention triggering an avalanche of history. Linnaeus named the plant, Indigofera “ after its land of origin and the Latin verb fero meaning ‘to produce.’ Throughout history, Indigo symbolizes royalty for the Egyptians, denotes Krishna in Indian miniature paintings, tells of the social order in Guatemala and clads Odin in Nordic Sagas. Sought by royalty and worn by the working class in the form of uniforms and bluejeans, Michael Taussig rightly deems “indigo is the crossover color.”

"A beautiful thing, though simple in its immediate presence, always gives us a sense of depth below depth, almost an innocent wild vertigo as one falls through its levels"
- Frederick Turner

LABspace was founded and is directed by the artist Susan Jennings. The gallery is dedicated to experiments in curation, exhibiting category-busting and/or materially surprising contemporary art, and hosting performance art, screenings, readings and music that push the boundaries of categorization, participation and/or experience.

                                    Grace DeGennaro, Weaving (Indigo #3), Watercolor on indigo dyed paper, 34” x 21”

     Paula Overbay, Jouer#12, Acrylic on indigo dyed paper, 8 x 9 ½”

    Jeanne Heifetz, Mottainai 13, Ink on indigo dyed gampi torinoko paper, 11” x 15”

                       Patricia Miranda, Florilegium, 2017, indigo tincture, Indigo-dyed paper, fresh water pearls,                                      horsehair, thread, 35” x 12” x 9“

                        Lotta Helleberg, Disintegration, 2017, Japanese mulberry paper, Strathmore printing paper, indigo                         dye and botanical contact prints, hand and machine stitching, 34" x 25"

                                                           Valerie Hammond, Persephone, 2017, Relief printed collagraph 
                                                           on handmade Kozo paper, 60" x 30"

                      Christine Aaron, What We Keep IV, 2017, Burnt Drawing on indigo dyed paper, 10" x 8"

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